Commercial Photography

ivapUSA specializes in medium format quality digital real estate photography in the Beaufort and Hilton Head Island area. With over 40 years experience in professional photography, we have the experience to capture real estate images that visually stimulate the viewer while accurately presenting the property.

Our affordable rates puts commercial photography within most Beaufort and Hilton Head Island real estate professionals budget. Most realtors know that great real estate images go a long way in attracting qualified buyers. Experienced real estate agents know that using professional photography attracts real estate listings!

Real Estate photography includes image enhancement and conversion to your preferred format. Finished images are licensed to you with no restrictions on use. Images may be used for print, internet and/or reproduced as desired.

ivapUSA also provides commercial photography for corporate events, products and marketing projects. We also license various stock photography and images featuring a wide range of nature, macro and landscape themes.

Image Enhancement 

ivapUSA provides in house post editing for photography images. We can edit and correct white balance, color and exposure inaccuracies caused by lighting, weather and inherent distortions common with most lens and various image formats.

ivapUSA also provides panoramic imaging, a series of images that are combined to produce extremely wide views up to and including 360 degree views. This format is usually used in real estate virtual tours and for producing a surround visual effect in circular rooms or viewing areas. They can also be useful to create ultra wide images without the "fish eye" bubble effect produced when using ultra wide angle lens.

ivapUSA provides Macro close-up photography for products and graphic effects. Post editing provides enhancements that defines the product or we can create visual effects for graphics or image effects.

Wide angle photography and image enhancement is a very effective tool for Real Estate, Hotel, Motel, Cabin rental businesses. Image enhancement and Macro photography is very effective for marketing and advertising projects.

Camera & Equipment

ivapUSA specializes in medium format digital photography. Our equipment includes Canon full frame 3:2 ratio bodies, ranging from 11.1 - 22 MP. We choose the right body and lens combination for the photography project at hand.

We use Canon L-series glass, considered to be among the best lens available to professional photographers. Real Estate is usually shot using a multi-focal wide angle format, which captures a realistic and accurate image of the room size. The image produced will be very much as it would appear to a buyer actually there.

We shoot in a RAW format, which allows for post processing changes. This allows us to accurately re-adjust the white balance and to color correct the image and make other adjustments not possible when using jpeg formats. Event, Macro and landscape photography often requires this.

Our in house post editing lab uses ultra high end Adobe and P-3 software running on quad processor IBM mainframes and color calibrated monitors. This ensures the highest degree in image perfection.



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