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Web site design and marketing has come a long way in the last 10 years. Early sites were simple static pages that provided basic information. Today, there are hundreds of technologies available to webmasters. Choosing the right web site design and technology often makes the difference between success or failure on the web.

ivapUSA is experienced and knowledgeable in most of the technologies available. After learning your business web needs and objectives, we can assist in merging the best technology and site design that will meet your objectives and appeal to your visitors.

We specialize in navigation solutions that flow the way your intended visitors think and allow for future growth and site designs that are efficient, interactive and stimulating for your visitors. Our experience combined with a common sense approach provides you with a solid web and internet foundation and SEO optimised scripting.

Located in the Beaufort and Hilton Head Island area for all your website and web design needs.

Internet Consulting & Development

You want a website, you know you need it but do not know where to start or what type of site would be right for your business. What will be the best approach!

This decision faces many business owners, and everywhere you look, there are web "experts" who will tell you that you need a 400 page site with all the newest bells, whistles, trends and fads.

We do not play that game. We can help you figure out exactly what you need based upon many questions, listening to you, and completely understanding what your business does, how it works and who your target clients are. We can then figure out the most practical style and type of information that should be presented and assist in designing a workable solution within your budget. We will advise in all aspects so you can make informed decisions.

Website's grow and mature with time and do not need to be placed all at once. The most important item is the overall flow.. the navigation. This is also the most expensive and frustrating part to fix if flawed or poorly structured.

SEO - Search Engine Optomization

You have a website, you like it and use it, but not many people can find it. If this sounds familiar, your site may not be listed or may be poorly ranked by the major search engine listings. There are a lot of sites out there, and getting a relevant listing position has almost become almost rocket science.

While many web and SEO companies claim to get your site listed in the top 3 positions, most of the time.. it's a scam. No-one can promise or guarantee a non-ppc listing in the top 3-positions. Search ranking requires a lot more than just meta tags, keywords and description changes. Each search engine have different requirements.

We will do a total evaluation of your site, it's overall ranking position, site demographics verses target audience, coding, scripting, graphics, navigation, overall structure layout and meta tag to text relevance, etc..

With this information, we can make the necessary site changes or recommend the changes to your webmaster and re-submit for indexing.

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